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SEAM engineering can provide to its customers design services in the environmental sector, with a specific reference to water treatment (potable and wastewater) as well as exhaust gas treatment.

impianti trattamento acqua e aria seam engineering

Functional verification of plants

Analysis of treatment processes

Material and Energy balances

Processing of PFDs (Process Flow Diagrams)

Drafting of P&Is

Drafting of sketches and civil outlines

Preparation of datasheets and equipment’s detailed specifications

Elaboration of Operating Manuals

As Built documents

Technical director
Treatment plant manager
HSE-RSPP manager
CEO, general manager

By means of a consolidated method, SEAM’s specialists can support customers in the various engineering phases:

  • Evaluation of production processes, in order to minimise waste and select proper treatment processes
  • Definition of design basis and purchase specifications for the treatment system that best fits the customer requirements
  • Existing plants analysis and optimization of operation, identification of critical issues
  • Drafting of the technical documentation peculiar of feasibility, final and executive design

SEAM is independent from any manufacturing company. The design result is not affected by constraints related to specific products.