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Support to Research institutes for:

  • Executive design of pilot plants
  • Construction of experimental pilot plants
  • Evaluation of construction costs for both pilot and real scale plants

Our plant building experience lets us collaborate with Research institutes in plants construction and in the comparison for technical and economic feasibility of a project coming from fundamental research. Collaboration with researchers keeps our specialists constantly updated about the best current and upcoming technologies in the field of wastewater treatment.

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Research institutes
R&D managers

SEAM engineering supports Research Institutes and Universities in the development and in the engineering of treatment processes coming from fundamental research.

We deal with both design and construction of functioning pilot plants and prototypes, in collaboration with selected partners.

Some examples of designed and implemented plants:

  • SBR plant for nitrification/denitrification of supernatant from anaerobic digestion
  • MBR plant for textile industrial wastewater treatment
  • Annamox plant for the treatment of supernatant from anaerobic digestion
  • AOP plant for primary water treatment
  • Anaerobic “Dark fermentation” digestor for whey treatment
  • Plant for Microalgae generation for sewage treatment
  • Experimental bioreactor for the growth of fungal strains

Our expertise, acquired thanks to a long-lasting collaboration with Research Institutes, allows us to design and build, in partnership with specialised workshops, pilot plants and prototypes equipped with PLC and online data consulting.

In addition to design and construction of pilot plants, SEAM Engineering provides targeted training courses to universities and its customers.