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Project Description

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Jacchetti Como – Italy


Productive process analysis focussed on liquid discharge, in order to reduce rate costs of discharge through the reduction in terms of quantity and pollutants load. Identification of the main processes and organisation of a sampling plan for wastewater characterisation. Evaluation of possible interventions through the design of distinguished pre-treatments for specific fluxes. Technical and economic sensitivity analysis to allow the direction to evaluate each measure proposed.


  • study of production lines
  • identification of single discharges
  • sampling plan
  • identification of verification basis
  • technical/economic design of possible interventions
  • technical/economic analysis and support to the decision-making of the ownership


  • individuation of management procedures allowing a 35% reduction on rate cost
  • statistical analysis on the contaminants of single discharge
  • sensitivity analysis of the impact of single discharges (off-site treatment option)
  • technical/economic feasibility study
  • support to the decision-making for the ownership